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Welcome to Corio/Lara Parish

We, the Catholic people of Corio/Lara, Guided by the Spirit,

participate in Christ?s mission.

With our gifts we create a Parish that welcomes all people.











We the people of Corio-Lara Catholic Parish

give thanks and praise to God the Father.

By the power of the Holy Spirit,

may we become more like Jesus:

listening to the Word of God

and celebrating the Eucharist;

sharing each others' lives

and forgiving one another;

respecting creation

and taking responsibility for our world.

Like St Francis Xavier,

may we offer light to those in darkness,

and warmly welcome all people.

Like St Anthony of Padua,

may we nourish the hungry

with wise words and kind deeds.

St Francis Xavier, pray for us.

St Anthony of Padua, pray for us.






Penitential Service, LARA, Tuesday 11th April, 7.00pm, followed by individual Reconciliation

Penitential Service, CORIO, Wednesday, 12TH April, 7.00pm, followed by individual Reconciliation

Holy Thursday, Mass, 13th April, 7.00pm, LARA

Good Friday, Stations of the Cross, 10.30am, LARA

Good Friday, Service, 14th April, 3.00pm, CORIO

Easter Vigil, 15th April, 7.00pm CORIO

Easter Sunday, Mass, 16th April, 9.00am LARA,

10.30am CORIO








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