About Us



Fr Pius  - Parish Priest

To make Christ present in the Parish community by Word, Sacrament and Service. To enable the Church to be present in the local area. To take responsibility for the overall management of the Parish. Fr Pius began his ministry in the Parish of Corio/Lara in October 2017.




Faith Leadership Team

The Faith Leadership Team comprises the Parish Team, School Principals of St Francis Xavier Primary School and St Anthony's Primary School and two Parish Religious Education Coordinators.


The role of the Faith Leadership Team is to:

Promote the spiritual and physical wellbeing of the Parish through prayer, sacrament and service; develop shared understandings and to coordinate the activities of the whole Parish; give witness to the unity and Christian Spirit of the Parish


Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council are the eyes and ears of the Parish listening to the needs of Parish members and groups and ensuring the Parish is responsive to their needs and that all activities serve to create a stronger Parish Community.


Members of the PPC make the effort to listening to people after Mass and at Parish gatherings. They affirm, learn from and support Parish Groups and help initiate activities within the Parish.


The PPC is comprised of members of the Parish Team including the Parish Priest and eight Parish representatives.


The Parish representatives are;

  • Adela Buaya
  • Michael Neri
  • Theresa McManus
  • Diane Saliba
  • Lorraine Kulic
  • Fernando Victoria